Artya - Son Of A Gun

Hello all,

I know the IAA is about cartridge collecting and not about timepieces… But I have just stumbled upon an amazing watchmaker/company, who makes one of a kind timepieces.

The specific line of timepieces which I like most from this company is called “Son Of A Gun”… They use real cartridges from 6mm Flobert to .44 Magnum embodied into their timepieces.

They are nice, but way out of my price range!

Just thought I would share this with everyone!


Will most likely keep you from passing the TSA screening at many airports. And don’t even think about wearing one to a public school.


Ray, you are absolutly right!

Although, wearing these watches to a cartridge show or gun show would surely impress some people, or at the very least they will leave the show with something else to talk about.