As promised - lots of ammo from a collection in July auction


I mentioned a couple of months ago that there was a collector here in New Hampshire that was going to put his collection up for auction. He did a few test lots in the last auction, and the results were satisfactory. He gave us (I work for Five Rivers Auctions) about 90 more lots of ammo for the July 21 auction. I have written up a bunch so far, and they are at the bottom of this posting.

I would like to thank all of the members who gave me great advice on my last posts. The info on ammo boxes full of random cartridges was especialy helpful! I was able to tell the consignor that if he wanted to search the boxes for the good stuff, he was welcome to do so, but if he was not willing, he would get box-lot prices and possibley give a buyer some great buried ammo finds.

The listings are constantly updated as I write up ammo for the catalog, and they can be found by going to … _2012.html and clicking on the gavel marked Ammunition. Each week, there will be more added to the descriptions, though there are many photos that may appear without descriptions written yet.

I am fairly new to the ammo-description world. I was an avid collector several decades ago, but gave my collection to a state reference collection when Calif got too crazy about things like tracers. I really appreciate any assistance the collecting world can give me with descriptions and values. If you see anything about which you would like to see more info, please let me know and I will add whatever I can.

The descriptions below end with some numbers. The first is the consignor and lot number. The second is the shelf location at the auction house where you can find the item if you want to come here for a preview. The third is my SWAG estimate of the value of the item or lot. If I’m measurably off, it will not hurt my feelings to tell me.

There is some fun stuff in this auction. There is a .41 Vetterli lot that has a box with over a dozen shot cartridges. There is a mixed lot of specialty ammo that has shot cartridges, blanks, gallery rounds, etc. There is a tin 450 Ely box with some ammo in it.

There is some ammo for the modern collector, too, such as egg crate boxes of Lapua 22s, and some Pre-Law-Enforcement-Only Black Talon.

I would like some advice on the powder tins. I was not sure how to price them. The condition is marginal, so I put two cans in one lot.

Here’s the list I have so far:

The following 7 lots are all Pre “L.E. ONLY” Black Talon They from the first run of Winchester Black Talon ammo before Winchester marked the boxes “Law Enforcement Only” due to the media misinformation about the “super lethality” of the bullet, and eventually discontinued the product line. Contrary to popular belief in the media, these are not illegal in any state. New in original boxes.

Black Talon 45 ACP Ammo Some water damage to box and some water staining on some of the rounds not affecting function. Full box of 20 rnds. Overall condition is good. 12-050-0019 S-15 (50-60)

Black Talon 357 Mag Ammo Full box of 20 rnds. Mint condition. Product code S45A. 12-040-0071 S-15 (50-70)

Black Talon 40 S&W Ammo Full box of 20 rnds. Product code S40SW. Mint condition. 12-040-0072 S-15 (50-70)

Black Talon 308 Win Ammo Full box of 20 rnds. Mint condition. Product code S308X. 12-040-0075 S-15 (50-70)

Black Talon 45 ACP Ammo Full box of 20 rnds. Product code S45A. Mint condition. 12-040-0073 S-15 (50-70)

Black Talon 10mm Ammo Full box of 20 rnds. Product code S10MM. Mint condition. 12-040-0074 S-15 (50-70)

Black Talon 30-06 Springfield Ammo Full box of 20 rnds. Product Code S3006X. Mint condition. 12-040-0077 S-15 (50-70)

Collector & Shooter Eley 22 LR Ammo Lot All boxes are full. The lot consists of three boxes of vintage and 14 boxes of modern ammo: Rare yellow/green box of CB caps w/ICI headstamp. Black/Red box HV solids w/rabbit end flap and circle-E headstamp. Older black/red box of HV HP with arrow-ICI headstamp. The remaining boxes are the plastic ones. Four factory two-packs: Standard, Tenex, Match & Club. Six single boxes: Tenex (cracked box), Match, Standard, Club, ClubXtra, Practice. 850 rounds total. All are excellent except the one cracked box (VG). 12-040-0054 S-15 (80-100)

Vintage “Egg Crate” Lapua 22 LR Ammo Lot This lot consists of 7 sealed 50 rnd boxes with the egg crate bottoms: Match Grade Biathalon, Match Grade Select, PISTOLMATCH, Match Grade, Running Target, Championship and one box of 22 Short. All are in excellent condition. 12-040-0057 S-15 (50-75)

Collectible Vintage UMC/Remington 22 RF Ammo Lot This lot consists of five full boxes, wrapped in plastic from as purchased in ammo auctions. 2-Piece Boxes: UMC 4-A red label/green border box of 22 Short with good labels, rim damage/wear. Good opened cond. Two UMC red label/black side boxes with fair+ and good labels and edge damage. Fair+ and good opened cond. Remington UMC 22 Short box with Lesmok powder. Very good unopened box with pump rifle graphic. End-flap red box of Remington/UMC Lesmok 22 Short with some evidence of oxidized lead bullets. Fair to good cond. 12-040-0039 S-15 (60-90)
Rifle Bullet/Reloading Lot This lot has two yellow/blue 25-35 Western Super-X boxes (fair) with 29 original rounds (good) and approximately 2200 bullets for reloading. There are three unopened 30 Carbine (300); 24 boxes 25 cal (1100), 3 boxes 22 cal (200); 1 box 270 cal (60); 3 boxes 243 cal (250); 2 boxes 308 cal (150); 1 box .490 round ball (100); 1 box 45/70 (100). Many are in vintage Winchester, Western, Speer, Jordan, Sisk and other boxes. Some are in modern boxes. Some full, some partial. (Counts) are approximate. There are also about 1700 25 cal gas checks. Good to very good average condition. 12-040-0026 S-15 (100-125)

22 Cal Bullets for Reloading This lot consists of about Sierra: 450 63 gr Semi Pointed, Hornady: 250 55 gr spire pt, 125 53 gr match HP, 200 55 gr FMJ-BT, and 80 50 gr spire pt. Most are very good to mint, with a few being tarnished. 12-040-0027 S-15 (50-75)

Rifle Bullet Lot for Reloading This lot consists of: Speer 224 cal 55 gr spitzer (375); Sierra 224 cal 50 gr spitzer (50); Sierra 270 cal 130 gr spitzer (75); Herters 6.5mm 150 gr JSP (75); Sierra 243 cal 85 gr HP-BT (100); Speer 25 cal 120 gr SP, Hornady 180 gr 308 spire pt (75); Speer 180 gr 308 RN (125); Speer 180 gr 308 Spire pt (100); Speer 150 gr 308 RN (100); Speer 170 gr 32 cal FN (75) and a few other partial boxes. About 1000 bullets, all in good to mint condition. 12-040-0032 S-15 (60-90)

Pistol Bullet Reloading Lot This lot consists of the following Speer bullets: 38 cal – 160 gr JSP (175); 158 gr HP (100); 158 gr JSP ( 100) 125 gr JSP (100). 44 cal: 240 gr JHP (50). 45 cal: 250 gr lead SWC (25). A few others are also included. About 600 bullets total. Factory sealed boxes to very good open boxes. 12-040-0033 S14 (50-60)

Reloading Bullet Lot This lot consists of 1 full and 10 partial boxes of bullets (15 to 60 bullets in each), including 9mm, 30 cal, 25 cal, 30 cal, 38 cal. There is one full box of Barnes 100 gr 25 cal spitzers that is slightly swollen. About 250 bullets total. 12-040-0030 S-14 (15-20)

Rifle Ammo Lot 13 boxes of ammo: (the conditions listed are for the boxes: the ammo is good to very good) Red/yellow Winchester boxes: full VG box 30-06 SP, 14 rnds 358 Win Silvertip in fair box, full good box of 358 Win Silvertip, full good box of 30-06 Silvertip, full box 222 Rem no end flaps, 17 rnds 32 Win SP no end flaps, light primer strikes. 16 rnds Western 300 Savage in fair blue/yellow box; 7 rnds 30-30 in a fair older blue Winchester box; full VG box of Peters 300 Savage SP in a red/white/blue box; 12 rnds of 308 SP in a good red/white/blue Peters box; 9 rnds 300 H&H Mag spire pointing a fair Remington box; full fair box of Savage 30-06 RN, 16 rnds of Savage 250-3000 SP in a sleeve.12-040-0018 S-14 (50-75)

Full 2-Piece Box Collectible WRACo Win 1873 44 CF Ammo The teal blue top graphic is fair to good, with soiling and scratches. It notes that these cartridges are for the Winchester Model 1873. The end flaps of the top are missing. The rifle graphic on the rear is nearly complete, as is the front graphics. The pink reloading instructions are VG. The rounds are good to very good, with small copper primers and some oxidation on the rounds. The overall condition of the box is fair. 12-040-0010 S-13 (100-125)

Robin Hood & Nitro Club Cartridge Lot 7 shells & 1 case head: Robin Hood – 2 ea No 12, red case 3-1/4, 1-1/8, 2 swelling shot, good wad, fair cond; 1 ea Comet No 12 w/diamond & W primer, very faded purple shell, probably reloaded, fair cond, No 12 case head w/1/2” of red case, fair cond. Nitro Club – No 12 REM-UMC, Remington UMC Dupont 3, 1-1/8, 6c wad, red case marked SCATTER LOAD, good cond; 2 ea No 12 REM-UMC red case marked SCATTER LOAD, Remington UMC Ballistite 24, 1-1/8, 6c wad. UMCCo No 12 Nitro Club, Dupont UMCCo 3, 1-1/8, 6 wad, red case marked UMC Scatter Load. Some heads show very old cleaning. Overall fair to good condition. 12-040-0011 S-13 (50-70)

Collectible 30 US Lot Two items: The first is a very hard to find sealed Frankford Arsenal box of 30-40 Krag blanks with the string opener still intact under the label. A few partial tears in the label. It is marked For Model 1898 rifle. It is dated Sep 13 1904, and is in very good condition. The second item is an empty Peters .30 Cal Model 1902 two piece box with tape damage, partial labels and staining. Poor to fair condition. 12-040-0022 S-13 (50-60)

Collector/Reloader Bullet Lot This lot consists of 8 boxes of bullets from the 1940s/50s. The first 6 are 22 cal 55 gr from R.B. Sisk, of Iowa Park, Tx. There are four boxes of Benchrest HP and 2 boxes of SP. One box is open, and the rest are still sealed. There is one partial box from Jordan Bullets with about 25 50 gr SPs. There is one very early buff cardboard box from Speer bullets, marked Manufactured by VERNON SPEER. There is also one empty Sisk box. These are some of the very first jacketed bullets that were available to the 22 caliber reloader, and are a piece of reloading history. All are in good to very good condition, with some being a little soiled, and the Speer box having a dent on one top end. 12-040-0029 S-13 (50-60)

Cowboy Ammo Collector/Shooter Lot This lot consists of 5 items: A yellow box of 40 Western 44-40 200 gr SP in VG condition; a full box of 50 Remington 38 WCF (38-40) in a vintage red/green box, in VG condition; a bag of approximately 50 loose vintage 44 WCF (44-40) with mixed headstamps. They have a mix of large/small and copper/nickel primers, and average good with oxidizing lead bullets; a full box of 50 plastic FiIVE-IN-ONE Motion Picture Special Effect Cartridges (blanks) with cse head colors indicating three power loads, all in very good condition; a box of once-fired Griffin & Howe .22-3000 shells (originally sold as primed empty shells) in good condition. 12-040-0013 S-14 (60-90)

Collector/Reloader Lot Box of once-fired 45 Line Throwing Blank brass in VG cond. 2 boxes of new CIL 32-40 unprimed brass. 1 box of new Winchester 30-06 unprimed brass. Winchester blue/yellow/red boxes with cartridge graphic: 38 S&W (empty), (2 ea) .250-3000 with fired brass; with target graphic: 38-40 Win (empty). Hornady Frontier 38 spl (empty). Modern Winchester 25 ACP (empty). Yellow/blue Dominion 32-40 (empty). One box of Sport Ammo Corp Mini Shells for loading reduced load 12 ga loads, 10 empty shells in box, VG cond. 12-040-0023 S-13 (50-60)

Remington UMC 38 S&W 2-Piece Box w/Ammo This is an opened box, filled with 32 cartridges with copper primers ranging from fair to very good condition. The box is in fair to good condition, with all graphics worn, but complete. There is edge wear, but nothing broken. The label indicates central fire smokeless cartridges. The box is in overall fair to good condition. 12-040-0007 S-13 (60-90)

Tin Box of Eley 450 Revolver Cartridges This box has grayed all over, with areas of brown. The label is fair+, with all wording legible, and a few missing areas. There are 30 cartridges with ELEY LONDON .450 headstamps and small copper primers. The cartridges are in good condition, with a little oxidation. The tin is packed with a granular material that looks like cork. The inside of the tin is mostly shiny. The overall condition is fair to good. 12-040-0008 S-1 (175-250)

Collectible Rem-UMC 32 S&W Full 2-Piece Box The box is in good condition with tape residue on each end and the bottom. The bullet-graphic label was originally glued down at a slight angle. Moderate edge and corner wear. No bottom graphic. The cartridges are in very good condition, with REM-UMC 32 S&W headstamps and U primers. They have a roll crimp into a crimp groove, and there is a cannelure toward the base of the bullet. 12-040-0004 S-13 (50-70)

Antique Black Powder Can Lot This lot consists of two antique powder cans. The first is a black Oriental Powder Mills (Boston, MA) FG Western Sporting Gunpowder with 90% front label that is very dark, and about 50% readable w/grouse picture. The front label is pitted in spots, and the can body is somewhat blistered with areas of abrasive cleaning. The top and bottom are good, and the cap is present. Overall poor to fair condition. The second is a red American Powder Co. (Boston) Triple Refined Dead Shot Sporting Powder can with a 90% label in fair condition with a hunter and his dog. The label is dark, but over 95% readable. The red paint is about 90%, with numerous chips and three larger spots with light oxidation. There is a “thumb dent” on the front from use. The top and bottom are intact, and the cap is present. This can has no rear label. The overall condition is fair. 12-040-0065 S-12 (50-75)

Winchester Boy Scouts of America Commemorative 22 LR Ammo Two full boxes of the BSA 75th Anniversary nickel plated ammo with the special fleur-de-lis/75 headstamp. The boxes, graphics and ammo are all in overall mint condition. 12-040-0042 S-23 (50-75)

Collectible USCCo & UMC 22 Short Lot Two full, unopened 2-piece boxes of Remington-USCCo green w/red label. One has all labels except one end label, in fair to good condition. One has top and bottom and one side label, in fair to good condition. There are also one empty box w/top & bottom labels only and one box bottom with bottom label, and about a dozen detached side and top labels in varying levels of condition and completeness. A couple are good, and the rest are poor to fair. The lot also includes three full 1-piece boxes of US Cartridge Co blue/white boxes with oval orange graphics and bullet image. The three boxes have good to fair graphics, and all have one flap torn at the inside portion of the flap. They are in fair to good condition. 12-040-0038 S-13 (60-90)

Collectible 22 Rimfire Ammo Lot Six Boxes: 2-piece full Rem-UMC 22 Automatic Rifle box with red/green top graphic w/cartridge. The bottom label is about 30%. Copper cases w/U headstamp. Fair to good. 2-piecegreen box of Peters Simi-Smokeless 22 LR with 38 P-headstamp, copper cased cartridges. All labels. Fair to good. Unopened buff box of Winchester 22 Short Lesmok with H headstamp. Stetson’s patent of Oct 31, 1871. All graphics and seals intact. Good cond. One-piece box of Rem-UMC 22 short in buff box w/red & black graphics. Approx 35 rounds of copper cased U headstamp ammo. The side flap has come unglued, but is intact, and all graphics are present. Good condition. Full buff box of Peters 22 Short semi-smokeless with green/red/yellow/black graphics. Top and end graphics good, bottom poor. Copper cased P headstamp ammo. Overall good. Unopened buff box of Winchester 22 Short w/green label and diagonal red “SMOKELESS”. H headstamp. Very good cond. 12-040-0059 S-13 (75-125)

Collectible Unopened Box Rem-UMC 25 Stevens Rimfire Ammo The buff box has green labels with black & red. The top label has the red slightly off center. The side label/seal is intact. The graphics are over 95% The codes an the bottom are 4-B and a red-stamped D23E BZ. Molded pasteboard box with inset top and bottom to protect the labels. The overall condition is very good. 12-040-0056 S-13 (100-125)

Collectible Pinfire Cup Primed & Teat Fire Ammo Lot , Pinfire Shotgun Shells: E.B. London 12, Buff colored fired case (fair); salmon color 16 (no other markings), loaded (good); Fired green case BRAUN & BLOEM DUSSELDORF – 12 – (good); Empty salmon B&B No 12 B case (good). Pinfire loaded revolver cartridges: FOSMOT * BRUIELLES * 12mm, copper, (worn headstamp, overall good); 7mm ELEY, brass, (very good); 7mm no headstamp, brass, (good); approx 45 cal H B PARIS, copper, (good); approx 9mm no headstamp, copper, (good). 2 ea round teat and 1 ea flat teat 32 cal, copper, all w/front rim and cannelure behind bullet (very good). 2 ea front loading 28 cal, copper with recessed cup shaped priming with P headstamp, front rim and cannelure behind bullet (very good) 12-040-0086 S-13 (100-150)

Collector Unopened Box Western 22 LR , This is an unopened 2 piece box with green/black/red graphics. The label/seal is intact, a little worn, but over 98% complete. The overall condition is very good. 12-040-0070 S-13 (50-75)

Collector 41 Swiss Vetterli Rem-UMC Box w/Paper Shot & Lead Ammo , This is a red Remington-UMC 2-piece box labeled for the shot cartridges. It has 14 cartridges loaded with red paper shot capsules with black stripe and six with lead bullets. All are in good to very good condition. Copper cases with U headstamp. The box top has a missing end, and the other end has a separated corner. The bottom section is intact except for the floor being detached for about 2 inches on one end. The top and bottom labels are intact and about 95%. The remaining top end label is present. The overall condition if the box is fair to good. Original Swiss Vetterli cartridges are had to find, and the shot cartridges in the original box are extremely hard to find. 12-040-0082 S-14 (100-150)

Collectible Maynard Ammo Lot , This lot consists of 6 items: The first four are fired 32-35 cases. 2 are deprimed, one has a copper primer, and one has a brass primer. One of the deprimed ones has a cleaned head, and the brass primer one has the primer and edge of the head cleaned. Overall fair to good condition with patina and a little corrosion. The fifth cartridge is a loaded 50 cal with a flat soldered-on head disk with cleaning around the joint. The head has a small dent in the center. It has a conical bullet with some dents. Overall fair condition. The sixth round is a loaded 22 Extra Long with a copper primer and a flat point bullet. Very good condition. 12-040-0079 S-14 (50-70)

Collector Winchester 32 S&W Smokeless Box & Ammo , Vintage 2-piece buff box w/red label & black graphics. The box contains 23 rounds. A few have been cleaned. All have copper primers, some with a W. The box has one unbroken label side , joining the top to the bottom like a hinge. The bottom has two sides with partially-missing label. The bottom has no label, and has a little soiling and damage. The revolver graphic is dark but good. The label is very dark red. There are two label codes: 237 and 4-19. The overall condition is fair to good. 12-040-0036 S-13 (50-75)

Collector Training Bullet, Blank, Shot & Misc Ammo Lot This lot consists of 50 mixed caliber specialty rounds: Dominion 44-40 shot; Remington 41 Swiss Vetterli red paper shot capsule w/2 black stripes; WRA Co 38 WCF shot; REM-UMC 44 WCF w/wood shot cpsule; 5 ea Remington 32 Rimfire Long w/wood shot capsules; 2 ea UMC 45-70 w/wood shot capules; 3 ea WRA Co 30 Army blanks; WRA Co 44 WCF shot; 2 ea RA 4 45 ACP shot; USC Co 45-70 blank; same, with shorter case and no headstamp; 2 ea Mk 15 Mod 2 M 8 57 percussion-Electric cartridge (cannon primer?) with one fired and one unfired; Rem-UMC 44 WCF shot w/U primer; 5 ea nickel plated case FA 10-05 waxed paper blank loads for 30-06 in stripper clip; FA * 1905 * wwoden bullet 8mm Lebel; 2 ea UMC 44-40 w/wooden shot capsule; 2 ea REM-UMC 44 XL paper shot or blank; 5 ea US 410 – 12mm ALL BRASS shotshells w/copper small rifle primer, factory 8C load and wad; same, but handload, same, but shotgun primer and no headstamp; Mk 2A4 cannon primer dated 1945, fired; 45-70 blank w/no headstamp; UMC 45 GOVT w/wood shot cpaule; 2 ea 30-06 USCCo * 18 * empty cases w/cork in mouth (1 cork repaired) and large primer with 3 stake marks; 450 crimped blank with Gevelot & Gaulpillat (G&G) intertwined monogram over 450; 2 ea LS 30 Carbine M-7 grenade launching blanks dated 43 and 45; WRACo 44 GG (game getter) shot; unk caliber wood training cartridge, Iva1 1-37 P151 headstamp; St* ak 44 black bullet 9mm luger; UMC 32 S&W w/wood shot capsule. Overall condition is good to very good. 12-040-0087 S-14 (100-150)

Collector Vintage Pistol Ammo Lot , This is a mixed lot of mostly pistol cartridges consisting of: 2 ea rare WRACo 38 S (Short?) with copper primer and single lube groove, full diameter lead bullet; UMC 38 S&W lead RN; Peters 44-40, sm copper primer, single round ball (game getter) crimped at and behind ball; WRACo 44 WCF w/flat point bullet (cleaned and light primer strike); same, uncleaned with W primer; same with plain primer; FA 2 09 LRN 38 Spl; Peters S&W Long LRN; WRA 45 Colt large primer LFN; REM-UMC 351 SLR JSP; PETERS 44-40 LFN (deformed bullet) w/primer strike and pitted case; USCCo 44-40.H.V. (high velocity) SJSP w/ US primer; REM-UMC 38 SPL LRN; REM-UMC 32-20 WIN LFN; REM-UMC 38 S&W LRN; REM-UMC 32 LCF LRN w/U primer; SUPER SPEED 32-20 WHV JHP (round nose); 2 ea PETERS 38-40 JSP (one deformed bullet); Remington (no headstamp) 44-60 round ball game getter w/copper primer; fired UMC S H 44 CF case with thin walls, inset head with raised lettering; WRACo 44 GG (game getter) w/round ball and light primer strike; 13 ea US 38 S&W LRN w/US primers, some with light primer stikes;REM-UMC 38 WCF JSP w/U primer; REM-UMC 44 S&W SPL LRN;REM-UMC 41 SHORT LRN;REM-UMC 38 ACP FMJ nickel bullet; rare WRACo 44 S&W AM LRN w/large lube groove forward of case mouth; WRACo 38 WCF LFN w/sm copper primer; FA 12 06 30-40 Krag single ball gallery round w/copper primer; REM-UMC – 38 WCF – LRN large letters (possible very old reload); REM-UMC 38 WCF SJFN; WESTERN 38-40 SJFN; WRACo 38 S conical lead (possibly very old reload); USCCo 45 COLT LFN w/US copper primer; R-P 45 Colt LFN; PETERS 38 LG COLT (long Colt) LRN. Except as noted, the bullets average good condition. Many of the exposed lead bullets have oxidation. 12-40-0091 S-14 (100-150)