Assault Rifles and their Ammunition: History and Prospects

I’ve just updated my web article, with some extra information courtesy of this forum!

Absolutely superb piece!

Thank you, I am sharing that - great research and info.

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Your magnificent work once made me look like a world class weapons expert. I was standing inside the West Point Museum, basically reciting by heart your work, trying to explain to my friend’s pre-teenage grandson how assault weapons came about and what they were. Made me feel mighty good for about 3 minutes. Thanks for this experience.

I join the applause for Tony’s great research and publications.

Remember, he also writes actual printed books with similar info, and I encourage people to buy them for permanent reference… like I did.

Thank you gentlemen, I’m pleased you like it.

I continue to learn, especially from some of the amazing experts on this forum. I just summarise what other people dig up!