"Assembly" movie question

There is a Chinese movie called “Assembly” (2007) youtube.com/watch?v=8KJKgAefkwA
which starts during Chinese Civil War and goes through Korean War into late 1950’s. I (personally) recommend it to anyone who likes to watch war movies. You get a BIG bang for your buck, literally. You’ll see the most amazing panoply of guns, tanks and other weapons. My question is like this. If you watch the attached trailer, you’ll see a metallic barrel-looking device, like an old fashioned oil barrel, which fires like a mortar and is initiated by old fashioned fuse with matches. It appears to disperse small cluster-bomb like charges on the ground and kill infantry. What is it? Its workings and usage are shown in great detail in the actual movie, the trailer has just glimpses.

I have seen some scenes on youtube . It is a very well made movie , but I haven’t be able to find it out in the shops yet , maybe it is not imported in Italy

I’m not sure if I’m looking at the same thing you were, but it looks like a “fougasse”, sort of a general-purpose emplaced mortar or directional mine, that could be fired when an emplaced position was under attack; oddly enough, I believe that this was also the source of a Vietnam-era military rumour about the NVA using “foo gas” (chemical weapons).

I think you’ve gotten straight into the eye of the bull. Here is Wiki desription of fougasse.
Shell fougasse.
In contrast the shell fougasse was loaded with early black powder mortar shells (essentially a large version of an early black powder hand grenade) or incendiary “carcasses”. When fired, the powder charge would both throw out the shells and also ignite their fuses, so the projectiles would be scattered across the target area and then begin exploding, filling the area with fragmentation or flame from all directions in an effect similar to a cluster bomb.

originally developed in 1939 by the British Home Guard, for the delaying tactics for any likely German Invasion of Kent in 1940 ( after Dunkirk)…Just saw a Military Archeology doco last week describing the lines of defence on the Southern Counties, which included Spigot Mortars, Bunker lines, and “Fougasse” emplacements, which used 44gal (imp) drums of a mixture of Diesel and gasoline, propelled out of the ground of an embankment using a small charge of dynamite or later, C4…a sort of directional Flame Thrower. Several actual Fougasse sites were shown from original maps, and the Tactical orientation were excellent for taking out German Armoured Vehicles, in defiles

The French Resistance from 1941-44 also utilised the system in France to great effect, hence the French name. It was transplanted to Vietnam in the early 1950s, by the Foreign Legion, and also used in Korea. BY Korea, shredded soap from a convenient cookhouse was used to “Napalm” the contents of the Drum.

The name literally translated means “Crazy Gasoline”.

Derivative " Shell Fougasse" was more an improvised Mortar, or as later shown, a type of Claymore, with explosive projectiles.

The Gasoline version is truely an “Improvised Explosive AT Device”, the Shell version requires a lot more sophistication.

Doc AV
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The Technical Advisor on that movie must have known his stuff. And the Special Effects guys too. Although, the trailer looked a little too much “special effects” for my taste. I’m more of a John Wayne guy. And Mr. CN.