Assistance in ID'ing possible wildcat cartridge

Howdy all,
I need assistance in identifying a possible wildcat cartridge. The cartridge’s approximate measurements in inches are:
.97 case length; 1.25 overall with bullet; .15 neck diameter; .135 bullet diameter; 265 rim diameter; .215 dase diameter. Headstamp is standard Winchester Super X.



The dimensions are perplexing. Does the body diameter taper from the base to the shoulder? What is a “throat”?? What is the bullet diameter?? What is neck diameter??


I have a .14/22 rf OTTR that measures up the same (give or take the odd thou) as your example.

It’s the one on the right in the picture ;-)

I don’t know why my cartridge terminology was off last night. What was I thinking?!?! I’ve corrected the measurements, I think. It does very much have a similar appearance to the .14 OTTR.

the bullet dia of mine is .142

is it made from 5 mm remington mag?

22 Mag necked down.

22 Mag necked down.[/quote]

Can’t be a 22 Mag. It’s made from a 22LR full length case such as are used in making the shot cartridges.


Gentlemen, one thing is being overlooked here. The dimensions of the head given by Christopher in .265. Nominal 22 head diameter is 270. Nominal 22 WRM head diameter is .290 and the 5 mm Remington is .320.
Have checked my Eichlebergers and the posted cartridge doesn’t match any of them either. Will admit these little buggers wil drive you up the wall :-)


Gourd and I were typing at the same time.

I agree with him, thus my post. My first guess was a 14 Eichelberger but if Gourd says it doesn’t match, then he’s right.

It’s probably one of the countless wildcats made on the 22 LR case whose name is lost to history.


22 Mag necked down.[/quote]

Can’t be a 22 Mag. It’s made from a 22LR full length case such as are used in making the shot cartridges.

Ray, Thanks, I’ll update my notes (that’s what I get for depending on memory)

My 14 OTTR measures:
Bullet dia .144
Case length .977
OAL 1.229
Neck Dia .160
Rim .266
Base - shoulder .748
Base - neck .786


Before you change your notes, I think this deserves a bit more input from those who know. I’m really not into the tiny cartridges. Gourd probably knows more about them than anyone on the Forum.

Everything I’ve heard and read says that the 14 OTTR is made from the 22 Mag case. The ones you and Simon and Chris have are apparantly made from the 22 LR case. I once had a chance to look at most of Eichelberger’s wildcats and they were made from 22 LR cases which is why I prematurely assumed you guys had one of his. I also have a couple of other un-named wildcats using the 22 LR case that go back quite a few years when some shooters somehow got their hands on a bunch of new empty, primed, full length 22 RF cases.

So, I guess what I’m asking is - does anyone have detailed information about the OTTR cartridge? Is there a site that describes it?

There are a lot of instances where a wildcat cartridge was made from the incorrect brass. Maybe the OTTR is actually supposed to be made from the 22 LR and not the 22 MAG. ??? Maybe it can be made from either?? It does seem more than coincidence that three of you guys have the same cartridge and yet it doesn’t seem to agree with what we’ve come to think is the 14 OTTR.

Gourd, do you know the answers???


OK, now I have a digital mic I can read properly.

My 14 OTTR measures:
Bullet dia .142
Case length .979
OAL 1.208
Neck Dia .159
Rim .275

Considering that most reloaders would not have much control over rim diameter, and bullets could be seated to different lengths, therefore taking the OAL and Rim Diameter a little bit out of the picture, and that unless the jacketed bullets are home-made, they are whatever diameter the bullet maker chooses to make them (out of the control of the user to some extent), it is hard to say, but I think the cartridge in question is, at the very least, an attempt to make the .14 OTTR judging from all of the dimensions given. Am I going wrong?


The big question, in my mind at least, is - what exactly is a 14 OTTR? Is it made from a 22 Mag case or from a 22 LR case? They are very different in the important dimensions (rim and body diameter). Either the cartridges owned by Chris, Simon, and Bob are not 14 OTTRs or the ones that other collectors have that are made from a 22 Mag case are not. They can’t both be correct.

I know this seems to be a silly discussion to some, but I have seen other threads arguing over more trivial matters. It’s what makes cartridge collecting what it is.

JMHO (and I’m not a computer geek either, I picked up the habit from my grandkids. Ihave to learn their language in order to communicate with them.)


Ray - beats the heck out of me what a .14 OTTR really is. I wouldn’t know one if I stepped over it on the street. I am just going by the similarity of the measurements between those of Christopherb. and those of tailgunner, the latter of which seems to know that his round is a .14 OTTR. I don’t even know what OTTR stands for. (“Only toss this round”???)

Not into wildcats, my friend. Just making an obvservation based on the pictures and measurements shown on this thread. I can’t imagine any usefulness what-so-ever in making a wildcat based on a rimfire cartridge, but then, each to his own.

John–OTTR means On Target Tech Radius. But what that means I have no idea.

I bought my .14 OTTR from a man I would say knows his wildcats very well, so I’ll keep it listed as that in my notes.

The headstamp on mine is the same as christoperb’s round.

The OTTR guys have a display booth at SLICS, just to the right of Ed Reynolds booth. I know that is where I picked up my various OTTR cartridges from, and where I suspect the others got theirs.

Later today I’ll send a note to them, referencing this thread, perhaps they will take the time to drop in and answer the ID questions.

OK, I’ve sent off a short note, and we’ll see if we can get a definitive answer back. the companies website is
Below is a photo of some of their CF wildcats, based on the 5.7x28 case

I heard back from Mike at OTT, so below is my note to him, and his response(s).


I believe we met at St Louis, MO, I was the guy showing Ed Reynolds the