Assistance needed on WWI ammo

I am what would have to be considered an “accidental collector” of ammo and I would greatly appreciate some advice on selling/disposing of some what I think is come collector ammo. It came either from my great-uncle or grand-father and I have 95 rounds of 1918 U.S.C. Co .30-06. It is all on five round stripper clips. Eight clips have both tabs in place, nine have one tab is in place. I also have 50 rounds of 1928 dated .30-06 marked FA all on clips but the number of tabs varies. The last set is 1941 DEN on steel clips with a bandolier with one pocket empty. Compared to the number of collectable cartridges I have (.30 Luger (100) and .256 Newton (20)) this by far the most and I really don’t think I have the time to sell them a clip at a time. I am having some trouble finding similar ammo prices so any comments on price would be much appreciated. I would make a person, who could pick it up (Bloomington, IN) a “good” deal. I have attached pictures of the ammo. I can send more if requested. My wife and I are moving to Florida and I need to reduce my ammo amount. Thanks for your time. Pictures below.WWI%20Ammo%20HeadstampWWI%20Ammo%201918