Assistance on Hills Patent Self Extracting Revolver

Hi All

I’m hoping someone is able to assist me with some history/further information on the below pistol. It is clearly stamped with Hills Patent Self Extractor however I am having difficulty identifying when it would have been manufactured and what ammunition it would have fired.

The pistol was purchased by my great great grandfather and in order to keep it in Australia (I inherited it from my grandfather after he past last year) I need to prove the ammunition is no longer commercially available.

Appreciate any assistance you can offer

G-Day Mate, any other markings on the item? Maybe a caliber stamp somewhere. Regards Ozzi.

Hills of Birmingham, patented 1886 or so,
Variouscalibres of the time…check by googling Hills Self extracting revolver…you will get a efficient details to download for your
Application…which state are you in?

Doc AV