Assistance on US Military Cartridge Boxes CW thru WWII


I’m involved in the Historical Society of Ft. Clark, TX (near Del Rio). Ft. Clark was one of the original U. S. Cavalry posts in Texas and was in operation from 1852 until it was closed in 1946. A number of famous historical characters served at Ft. Clark, including Ranald Mackenzie, George Patton, and Jonathan Wainwright.

As one of its features, it has a museum (you can see some of it at containing a fairly complete complement of about everything associated with Ft. Clark’s history, and specifically the Cavalry, including most of the small arms used there. What is missing is a display of cartridge boxes, although we do have individual examples of many cartridges. As I imagine most of the original small arms ammunition boxes are far too expensive for the Society to purchase (the Society is all volunteer, and has only a miniscule operating budget), I would like to at least put together a display of replica cartridge boxes which I would make myself. What I am asking is if anyone would be willing to provide me with good-quality digital images of all sides of typical U. S. military cartridge boxes of the period (.58 paper cartridges, .44 revolver skin cartridges, Spencer, Sharps, .50-70 Springfield, .45-70 Springfield, .45 S&W/Colt, .30-40, .38 Long Colt, early .45 ACP, and early .30-'03 and .30-'06), along with dimensions of each box. I already have some original WWII .45 ACP, .30-'06, and .30 Carbine boxes. I do not have .50 BMG boxes of any era. If you have any box culls in your collection, we’ll accept donations also.

Please PM me if you can assist in any way.