Assistance with identifying blank cartridge

I would greatly appreciate any information o

n this blank cartridge. It has a wax plug that looks poured?
OA length 1.539"
Dia at mouth .525"
Dia at shoulder .540"
Dia of rim .6585"

The headstamp is French.
SFM = Société Française des Munitions
GG interlocked = Gévelot-Gaupillat

Full length pic would help.

This shows the poured wax plug. It is reminiscent of the wax cap my mother used to pour to seal her jars of blackberry jam.

Thank you sir

11x59R Gras rifle cartridge, cut off at the shoulder.

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Thank you Tanegashimatomurata. Have you seen this before? Would this likely be a civilian modification to use the round for another purpose? At least that is the only reason I can think of to shorten it. Perhaps the wax plug indicates something, I have not seen wax used to make a blank before.!

Never seen a Gras blank before.

There are a lot of uses for blanks;
Line throwers,
Mortar propelling,

I don’t know what the purpose of your blank was.