Assistance with indentification of a shell

Hi All, I work for a museum service in the UK and we are in the process of trying to identify a number of items and this is one of them. Unfortunately military related ephemera is not the focus of the collection, and therefore I have been carrying out some internet research. I came across this forum, and I was really hoping that someone might be able to us out please.

Unfortunately we don’t have much to go on at the moment apart from it was likely made in a local steel works and munitions factory called Kryn and Lahy in Letchworth Garden City. Possibly during WW1 or WW2
It measures: Height: 10 inches (25cm) / Diameter of top: 2.36 inches (6cm) / Diameter of base: 2.95 inches (7.5cm)
The copper band is 0.59 inches (1.5cm)

Stamped into the side is E [in a square] A T 3 8 8 and there are some markings stamped into the top: II E No1

We would really appreciate any general information about it, but a confirmation on whether it is in fact a shell at all would be must useful.

Please let me know if you need any additional information, and thanks again.

A photograph of the markings would be of assistance. Also, there should be markings on the base.

The monogram/trademark of Kryn & Lahy was a circle containing a K upon a L. (I’ll post an image latter.)

Hi TimG

Here is the markings on the side -

And an image of the base

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Detail of the top

The fuze plug appears to be British. Its the right diameter for 13 pounder, but is far too long, and the wrong profile for that period. There were a number of British projectiles that come out at about 3" calibre, such as 15 pounder, however the above comments apply.

Thanks TimG, so to confirm, it is a type of shell? Also was it the markings on the fuse plug that led you to that conclusion?

I have been looking at additional images since posting and can see some visual similarities between this and shrapnel shells, in terms of the slightly bulbous shape above the middle of the item. Would that be a possibility?

It is a projectile/shell, it might be shrapnel.

Due to the cannelure (groove beneath the driving band) and the shape of the driving band I’m leaning towards 3" 20 cwt.