Assorted cartridges

I received these from a friend of a friend today. Not really sure what most of them are but thought I would share a picture:

The top ones in the links look like 7.62x51 Nato blanks


Some headstamp shots would help with IDing.

second row left: Western 45-70
second row right: REM UMC 30-06 SPRG
third row on the left is: Western 38-40 WIN

Excellent. The pros will be weighing in shortly. Of which I ain’t one. I will concur on the belted blanks. Nice find. All of them.

You might as well get a digital caliper. These folks want dimensions. And you better be accurate! No slack here.

Top right and bottom row second from right appear to be 9mm rimfire “garden gun” shotgun cartridges.

More specificly, they are “double charge” (extra shot) loads. There is also a single and a tripple loading. In the photo below, you can see all 3 lengths together (2nd row up, to the left of the alum 410’s)

No need for any exspurt opinions here, so I qualify. They are all common cartridges ID’d by the headstamp. The only hard ones would be the 9mm RF and Tailgunner has pegged them. The blanks are the plain vanilla M82.