Assorted Russian stuff

from my tiny humble collection

caliber 7.62mm and less

caliber over 7.62mm

long, pointy stuff ;)

anyone is free to name the players

Max, you have some great ones there. Is there anything special about your 7.62x25 Tokarev round?

No, it’s just a standard one, as well as some others.
the 7.62x39, however, IS the special one, with experimental subcaliber saboted bullet; i posted its photos here some time ago

Max–What caliber is the sub-projectile in the saboted 7.62x39? Also, what is the official designation for this round?

5.6mm turned steel, shaped much like standard 5.45 bullet
no official designation that i’m aware of, as it was experimental only

You call that a tiny humble collection !!!, OMG I will be more than happy with just one cartridge of it, CONGRATULLATIONS is amazing.

in fact, some of this stuff is not so hard to come by (i.e SP-5 or -6, usually as fired “brass” + bullets), but you have to visit Russia to buy or trade it, as our mail is notorious for losing stuff, and express carriers require police certificate that it’s not a real stuff to accept it for delivery

Nice ! Are those LTL rounds on the right with rubber bullets marked in any way? What calibers? Guns?

speaking on LTL, two smaller rounds are 18x45 electrically primed. The aluminum-cased one is made either by NIIPH (State Institute of Applied Chemistry) or NOT Ltd (a small company associated with NIIPH). The polymer cased one is made by A+A Ltd in Tula

Both rounds have some headstamps but i have to check details when i’m at hope.

Aluminum-cased ammo is for Osa PB-4, Osa-Egida PB-2 or Strazhnik MP-461 less-lethal weapons.
The plastic-cased one (it has metallic inserts at the base to provide electrical circuitry for ignition) is for Kordon less-lethal weapon, but also can be fired in others.

For those unaware of it, the entire concept behind 18x45 was to made civilian LTL round which is not reloadable and unique.
It uses thick-walled, long case that doubles as a barrel (bullet is seated about half-way inside it). It is electrically primed (as I said above), and also available with flash-bang, illum and signal (color) loadings.

// Sorry, target links are in Russian as those less-lethal weapons are specific to Russian market and i’m yet to find a time to create English versions of these articles.

the paper-hull 4 Ga shotgun round is for 23mm KS-23 weapon[/url]