AT-4 Rocket


Does anyone know a source for an AT-4 Rocket? Dewat or trainer?

Its for a museum display



I’m pretty sure that the AT4 does not fire a rocket. As I recall, it uses rounds developed for the M3 Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle.

Unfortunately, I don’t know of a definite source for either a complete round or just the fin-stabilized projectile.

If the request is from a legitimate museum, I’d suggest contacting the US manufacturer.

Otherwise, try gun shows.


If it’s just a for a display, and since you’d be getting a demil projectile anyway, you might consider a replica training aid. When painted to spec they look real:


Umm, their replicas are more expensive than originals…


Oh, I hadn’t noticed. If their usual customers are state & local governments for EOD training, then it doesn’t surprise me that the prices are up there, being tax dollars and all.


Even more surprising since as I have been told the govt. does not want rubber ducks for trainig.


I have a fired case for the 84mm Carl Gustav round if you are interested.

I am in England but shipping wouldn’t be that expensive as the case is made from aluminium.