ATF Forms on the ATF Website

This morning I received a call from the ATF in response to a voicemail I left yesterday evening. It seems that the forms on the ATF website (.pdf files) cannot be filled in, whether they are on the website or downloaded.

The ATF Lady explained that they are updating many of the forms on the website and while the update is underway, it will not be possible to type into any of the forms-they are all essentially locked. The update has been going on for 2 weeks and she didn’t have a date of completion (which sounds like every software project I have ever been associated with).

In the interium, those filling out Form 6 NIA (for non-US residents to bring SAA into the US-for SLICS for example) and the Form 6 Part II (for US residents to import SAA) will have to print out the forms and fill them in by hand like we use to do. Not a big deal.



Thanks Lew. I will get mine in in plenty of time for SLICS.


I emailed the form6 to the ATF and within 2 weeks I got a email back with the ok and form6 only thing for me was print it out.
ATF and computers it works ok…


The same by me. It was returned in 2 weeks.

If all things work so well and fast in your country as the ATF, you must be a happy man.