ATI American Tactical .410 "T+" shot

I thought I had posted about this ammunition before, but I think the topic was one of the very few that were lost in the transition to the new forum layout. It was a couple years ago that I noticed that ATI - American Tactical Imports had a branded line of ammunition in shotshells to pair with their “OMNI” line of tactical magazine-fed shotguns in 12ga, 20ga, and .410 bore.

These are made in Turkey by Yasacalar (Yavex), and the .410 I have here is sort of unusual. They only show slugs for the .410 on their website now, but they initially offered what they called a “T+” buckshot load, and it was intended as a self-defense load based on the marketing. This must have only been available for a couple years, and I see that TargetsportsUSA seems to have picked up whatever was left and is selling these now. I knew the pellets were lead and not steel, but was puzzled by the T+ designation. I assumed that they were slightly larger than T-shot (.20"), but smaller than F or #4 buckshot, otherwise they would have used those designations. I received some and the shot pellets turn out to measure barely over .20 or just a hair over 5mm. Some of the pellets measured .20" even, so they seem to be lead pellets in the size of T-shot. There are 9 pellets in the 2.50" shell, and I can’t imagine this would be useful as any sort of self defense load relative to all of the buckshot and multi projectile loads available in .410. I would certainly take Federal’s copper-plated #4 buckshot load long before this ATI T-shot load, and there are a few other .410 loads I would chose ahead of the Federal #4 in general to begin with.

The headstamp is 36 ★ 36 ★ with the “36” at 9 o-clock & 3 o-clock, and the stars at 12 & 6.