Atk gd-ots 105mm m148a1b1 cases - scrap pics

I have been on the hunt for 1 to 4 specific 105MM M148A1B1 steel cases complete with an ELEC M120 primer to match up with some rare APFSDS-T projectiles with plans on sectioning the cases. From my research, this is a very common case / primer configuration but in all my years of hunting I have only seen one available. Anyhow, during my hunt, I just came across these two cool pictures showing piles of M148A1B1 cases in the woods from another forum posted in 2009. I am assuming these were to be scrapped? Total bummer :-)

If anyone happens to come across any of these cases with an ELEC M120 primer I’d be grateful for the lead. ATK and GD-OTS (My two favorite ammunition manufacturing companies ever) uses this case for the M833, M774 and M735 APFSDS-T projectiles. The internal primer tube runs threw the center of the case stopping 7 inches from the case mouth opening. I’m guessing there are probably a few of these case /primer combos in this pile :-)


I love how nice they have them stacked

Jason–I know it doesn’t help you, but I once, about 10 years ago, saw a pile of these along with 105mm Howitzer cases, about 50 feet high and maybe 200 feet across. They were at a steel foundry not far from an Army firing range. I stopped and talked with the management. They let me help myself to as many as I wanted, free. I spent about an hour looking through them and found about 10 or 12 different headstamps and load type stencils on the base and sides.

My point being is to look for foundries where they are going to melt them down or for scrap yards. Of course, with the new rules about shredding all the cases before being sold to scrap dealers, I suppose the days are gone for a find like mine.

Now that would be a cool picture! Thanks so much, Ron, great idea!


The same happens here with naval 4.5" brass Cases. Today they are all crushed before being sent to scrapyards.

Agree on the scrap yard tip. Have my 20 pounder (Centurion tank gun) case from a local scrapper, though I did pay the brass value, 40 bucks…

Here is a scan of the head-stamp of the only M148A1B1 case that I have with the ELEC M120 primer. It is very hard to make out but it is engraved M120 starting at the 9 O’Clock position ending at about 10 O’Clock. The “ELEC” marking is at 12 O’Clock. I have about 8 of these cases but only this one has the ELEC M120 primer which is used with most US 105MM APFSDS-T projectiles except for the latest M900 APFSDS-T projectile which uses a smaller primer tube extension due to the long-rod penetrator sub-projectile the M900 uses.


Really stupid question, but what gun actually fired the m148a1b1?

Hi Shooter!

The M148A1B1 case is designed to be shot from the M68 Tank Gun fitted on the M1 Abrams and other tanks.