ATK to build the 300 Win. Mag. for the M2010 sniper rifle

ATK SECURES ARMY $20 MILLION CONTRACT . . . ATK has announced a five-year fixed-price, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract with the U.S. Army for the production of Mk248 Mod 0, 190-grain and Mk248 Mod 1, 220-grain 300 Win. Magnum (Win Mag) rifle ammunition. The Army has selected this ammunition for primary use in its M2010 Sniper rifle. According to ATK’s press release, the award has an estimated maximum value of $20 million over the life of the contract. The ammunition will be manufactured at ATK’s Anoka, Minnesota, Federal Premium Ammunition factory. Said ATK’s Sporting Group President Jay Tibbets, “We are proud the U.S. Army has selected our 300 Win Mag ammunition.”

I understand that the MK248 Mod 1 departs from the standard 300WM specification in that the COAL has been increased from 3.34 inches to 3.5 inches, allowing the bullet to be seated further out to leave room for more propellant. Average maximum chamber pressure has also increased from 65,000 psi to just over 68,000.

.300 Win Mag Match MK 248 MOD 1

-max pressure of 68100 at 70f
-The average corrected chamber pressure of the sample cartridges conditioned at -20°F and 165°F shall not exceed 71,500 psi.] Neither the chamber pressure of an individual sample test cartridge nor the average chamber pressure plus three standard deviations of chamber pressure shall exceed 78,900 psi.
-The corrected average muzzle velocity of the cartridges conditioned at 70° ± 5° Fahrenheit (F) shall be 2,850 ± 50 ft/sec. feet per second
-The nominal overall length of the assembled cartridge shall be 3.500 inches maximum, 3.450 inches minimum
-The primer shall be a large match rifle primer, non-corrosive, nickel-plated, boxer type, and shall be of lead-styphnate type
-Each cartridge shall contain Hodgdon H1000 propellant. The propellant loaded in this cartridge shall contain flash reduction additives or coatings, and shall meet the temperature stability and ballistic requirements detailed
-The projectile for the MK 248 MOD 1 shall be the 220 grain Sierra MatchKing® Hollow Point Boat Tail (HPBT) bullet, commercial part number 2240
-The cartridge headspace shall be 0.212 inches minimum, 0.220 inches maximum
-The average corrected muzzle velocity of the sample cartridges conditioned at -20°F shall not vary by more than 75 fps from the average corrected muzzle velocity of the sample cartridges conditioned at 165°F.