ATK US Government Precision Rifle Ammunition PDF, 2009

Did a search of the Forum and could not find this listed, so as the title says here is a short PDF covering ATK precision rifle military ammunition plus a couple of other items including the 9 x 19mm Lewiston tracer; dated 6-1-2009: … nition.pdf



Interesting. Just what the heck is it supposed to be? Advertising? Some of the cartridges are hardly precision. What is a “cannon primer” ?


now i understand the 9mm lewiston tracer
it the cartridge for training with the AT4 rocket launcher

do you know the headstamp of the brass case of this 9mm

30mm & 20mm size cannon primers from ATK

not sure what 96mm your talking about, but the 9x19 tracers I’ve seen from ATK were aluminum cased with red over gray tip colors on a brass jacketed bullet and headstamped “SEL 91” and “SEL 95”. Not seen a brass cased one, but perhaps that is current {to this brochure} production.

Story is when they got this contract (or were trying for it) they had to learn how to make a tracer but didn’t know. So they hunted around & found the guy who mixed the compound at Frankford. He said well you get a barrel of this & 35 pound of that & two barrels ot this other thing & mix.

So they had to reinvent (for themselves) the tracer, should have just asked the Haak guy who works down the street from me.

Thanks Pete.

That sure is an odd assortment of cartridges, primers, etc. Was it intended as a handout at a weapons seminar or?


Pete and Ammogun, an example of this 9 mm subcaliber cartridge with brass case is headstamped LEW 05. Regards, Fede.

for the 9mm round i receive a 9mm round for at4 training that had the same bullet as the atk brochure but with alu case (sel 91)
i think the news rounds used had brass case (i see a video of at4 training with these cartridges )

for peteducoux i talk about these 9mm lewiston (i correct my mistake “96mm”)

By the way, does anyone know which is the latest date using the LEW marking? I’m aware of 05, 06, 07, 08 and 09, but nothing of later production.

Came to me from Dave Andrews when he was alive. Have other packaging in various “states” / printing just picked those two because they had a couple of primers in them.

Think I got the 9mm’s from him too, but as I look for aluminum from CCI everywhere could have been from another source.