ATK - XM1002 120MM TPMP-T Sabot Petals

These awesome, fired 120MM sabot petals came in the mail today. I scored them for $30 and the money goes to help Combat Injured Veterans :-)

They are from at the time, “Experimental” but now type classified, ATK manufactured, XM1002 TPMP-T (Target Practice Multi Purpose Tracer) tank round. The XM1002 is a target practice round matching the same trajectory as it tactical counterpart the M830 A1 HEAT-MP-T. Unlike previous tank fired HEAT rounds which utilize a stand-off fuze which detonates a known distance from its target allowing the shape charge to work, the M830 A1 HEAT-MP-T has a nose fuze that is adjustable to suite multiple purposes, including an anti-helicopter setting. The TPMP-T even has a simulated nose fuze so Tankers can train properly for the tactical round. Anyhow, I could not resist them for $30 :-)

PS: ATK and GD-OTS really make amazing tank ammunition.

Trade Show Brochure On The XM1002

Trade Show ATK Brochure On The M830A1 HEAT-MP-T (Gotta Admit, that is a beautiful sectioned round)


Nice score, cute critters. I bid on some recent 40mm+ stuff, a couple of tank/gun AP, but no dice.

I keep trying to get my guy at ATK to give/sell me some of there tradeshow cutaways. He always just laughs at me.

I don’t have any friends at ATK but I am used to being laughed at when my collection comes up in conversation.


Here is a photo I found of a sectioned of the tactical 120MM M830A1 HEAT-MP-T


[quote=“APFSDS”]I don’t have any friends at ATK but I am used to being laughed at when my collection comes up in conversation.

It is the same for me. I don’t bother mentioning my collection to non-collectors anymore. One of the guys at work lauged and said “it’s a weird hobby, collecting old brass”. I just could not get through to him about the amount of knowledge and research that goes with this hobby. As far as he is concerned it is just compulsively hoarding useless objects. I believe that there is a collector mindset (not just for cartridges, but any collection) that some people simply don’t have and cannot understand.


I’m with you on that, Falcon :-) I never bring it up unless someone is in my office and sees my collection. :-)


Thought this was interesting so I figured I would post a picture. This is a Ft. Knox training round made from one solid piece of resin. It has the exact weight and balance of its tactical counterpart. I have seen similar practice rounds for the 105MM M735 APFSDS, 105MM HEAT, 120MM M865 and 120MM HEAT.


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