Atlas Arms 9 mm Dagny Dagger


“Legally unrestricted”, how shall that work here?

I had been following them for a while but they are unsurprisingly defunct now, and there is no response from their website or any contact. They suffered from a lack of relative knowledge on the subject when designing this whole thing, and also made the mistake of reportedly “waiting to hear back from the ATF” with whom they bothered to check with. Since the 80gr Fort Scott pointed solid copper 9mm can penetrate an entire Level III soft body armor panel backed with 600 wet phone book pages, it’s fair to say that they should be all of the penetration that anyone would ever safely want in 9mm, and it is already legal, established, and not bothering to ask questions of the ATF.

The inner metal dart was apparently non-ferrous and made of some material with hardness less than brass / bronze - maybe zinc or aluminum?

Has anyone seen one of these actual rounds? Are there examples available—faint hope!

I notice they offer a “Bullet Keychain”. Has anyone obtained one of those?