Attempt to reproduce a 120MM CCC shell casing

Here is a nerding attempt to reproduce a 120MM CCC shell case. Every once in a while I meet a collector that has cardboard tubes configured to look like a CCC case. Someone has obviously put a great deal of time in making these recreations and for all I know, they are factory made. They consist of many different size cardboard tubes fitted inside each other to match the dimensions of the real thing. I recently had to opportunity to purchase 2 of them (sightly different shoulder designs) in nice condition. Although they are really neat, and well built repros, I was not happy with the fact they looked so blatantly carboardish. I decided to turn it into a project and went to a local marine supply store and bought some fiberglass repair goop, like bondo. I gooped up the cardboard tube and smoothed it out to a smooth surface with tons of sandpaper. Here is how it came out with a AFT CAP mounted.

Cardboard tube

Bondo type stuff (really smells strong)

Finished product painted

APfSDS - I am ignorant in the extreme on this stuff. What does “CCC” stand for?

John Moss

So sorry John. CCC means Combustible Consumable Case. Allot of modern tank ammunition utilize CCC cases which are consumed in the explosion of firing them. After the ammo is shot, the projectile travels to target and a small AFT CAP (Pictured) is ejected. Their are many pros and cons to this technology. I have also read that the CCC cases also increase projectile velocity, but a major benefit with it also is the fact their are no large, hot cases rolling around inside of the tank.

Unfortunately, for us collectors, the fact that the cases are consumed during firing makes it very hard to come by inert examples, thus the need for recreations. I have seen the cardboard tube designs a few times in the past as well as all fiberglass movie prop recreations.

Looks good to me. Of course, it’s been a while since I’ve seen the real thing :)

Are the base caps hard to come by? That was one souvenir I wasn’t able to snag when I was wearing the green.

I see the Aft Cap bases asvailible here and their. I think their is one on Auctionarms right now. The guy mounted a inert grenade in it that can be removed. If you have trouble finding it let me know. I will also keep an eye out for you.