Attention .50 cal ammo can collectors

Since this could benefit collectors internationally being non-ammo (for shipping), I wanted to point out MidwayUSA’s Black Friday week sale on .50BMG standard ammo cans in grade-3 for $4.99. I have ordered tons of “grade-3” from them before, and not only is the original paint and original print intact 80+% of the time, they are usually dent free and are in relatively decent circulated condition. Sometimes I heat-gun off a sticker or two, but they cleanup nice in general. There’s usually one out of every lot of 10 that’s painted all orange or whatever though. I have had a real odd mix of cans in terms of print type come in this way over the past couple years since these lots are separated by grade at Midway, and could come from different sources.

And they have a free-shipping promo (for U.S. addresses) right now that surprisingly works with unlimited numbers of these cans, so 20 cans is $99.80 with free shipping! This is literally lower than what I had previously calculated it might cost to bid on and win a pallet of these cans from the U.S. government liquidation auction portal after figuring in picking them up and hauling them from a regional base. On those, you never know exactly what all the condition is, or even if all of the lids will be with them.


The picture says “5.56mm”?

Posting is regarding the physical can model and size, not the contents…

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For larger companies, it is easier/more economical to use one picture for all advertising of the same size item, and sometimes a different but similar item, like the belted .30 cal ammo cans- yes, I have seen that, too.

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Is it certain that they will ship these outside the USA?

From what I have read, it is surprising what items are controlled by ITAR rules.

I have also read that some European countries apparently class these cans as weapon parts/feeding devices, as they can be attached to the gun mounts. I cannot confirm that information as accurate, it may simply be an internet rumour.

I can say that they are not legally regulated in any way within my country (UK). They are quite rightly just metal boxes.

I did read recently that there were plans to loosen US arms export laws. This could be useful for us here in the UK and Europe. For example I know someone here who shoots a modern Winchester lever action rifle. An extractor part is currently broken and they have been unable to replace it. This is because US companies will apparently not ship gun parts outside of the USA due to export laws. This even applies to a civilian sporting rifle such as a lever action.

Does anyone on the forum in the US know anything more about the export law changes?

The only change that I’m aware of is in which branch of the US Government is going to do the export application reviews and set governing regulations. It’s moving from the State Dept to Commerce Dept. The hope/feeling/belief/whatever is that Commerce won’t stamp everything denied like State does. But it’s still a bureacracy, so no one knows.

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There is nothing I could find on their web site about overseas shipping, so best to go to their web site and send an email, or call them: 1-800-243-3220

The reason you do NOT see information on international sales at Midway USA probably is because they got in trouble some years ago for “violating” ITAR (International Trade In Arms Regulations) by selling scope rings to a buyer outside of the US.

Perhaps, but I also found NO overseas shipping restrictions listed.

I am not intending to actually buy any myself. I posted it as a warning to anyone who might read it.

I received the 20 cans, and they were all fine, well worth the cost of $5 each with free shipping (the sale has now ended at Midway) and the cans all cleaned up nicely with oil. Some surface rust on the tops, and a little on the bottoms, but not much, and I repainted several of them with cheap OD green spray paint that matches the original color.

The one interesting can is this expediently hand-written one for some M195 Green illumination flares. I presume it was originally stenciled for something else, such as 5.56 or .50 cal as they usually are, and was then re-done into this. The back side of the can does have a stencil-sprayed AYA marking which indicates that the can came from ARDEC - Rock Island, Illinois at one time, so that’s interesting and not usually seen on cans. I actually rarely see the PDAC codes - Packaging Design Activity Codes on ammo cans, so this was neat.