Attention modern headstamp hunters

300,000 caes to be “scrapped” by Maryland as they give up on their bungled firearm-I.D. program which has cost 5 million dollars and not solved any crimes in the many years it has been active.

Not sure what they will do to sell them, if at all, but they will probably find a way to spend money to get rid of the cases, rather than earn any.

I hope California legislators are reading that. They enacted a similar program which is resulting in many companies no longer selling their pistols in California, to anyone, including police. It will fail as well. Of course, most of the California legislators are so ignorant about firearms that they are likely incapable of understanding much of what they read.

It would be nice to go through all that for headstamps. Probably not gonna happen though.

NYS abandoned their plan several years ago for the exact same reasons. 4 million /year to accomplish nothing.