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I need some help from those of you who specialize in stripper clips and chargers!

In an earlier post I asked about “long” Danish made .30-06 ammunition, because most of the U.S. made M-1917 rifles that came from there have a notch in the receiver ring above the chamber. The theory was that this was done to allow “long” ammunition to be clip-loaded.

Further research has turned up the theory that these rifles came to Denmark via Norway, and the “notch” was milled by the Norwegians. Apparently this was done because the Norwegians used “a different clip loading system” which required this modification to the rifles.

So, is there some unique, Norwegian 5 round clip or charger for .30-06 ammunition intended to be used in the M-1917 rifle?



There were unusual chargers made in Norway for use with 30-06 cartridges but I can’t see that these would necessitate modifications to the rifle.

Most chargers for this cartridge use a simple two piece design with a steel or brass channel section and a spring to retain the cartridges. For some reason Norway decided to use a variation on the Roth pattern which is a 3 piece design. This has a channel, a pressure plate and a spring sandwiched between the two to retain the cartridges. The most usually seen charger of this type is that made by the Czechs in the 1920s and 30s.

The Norwegian charger has the ‘cog wheel and arrow’ mark of Stanseproductor located in Oslo and they’re finished in a light grey phosphate.

Occasionally standard two piece clips with the Stanseproductor mark turn up. Dimensionally, both types of charger are very similar which makes me think that there must be some other explanation for the notch in the receiver.

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Here is a picture of the two part variation on the Norwegian 30-06 charger with the usual spring retaining tabs.







At the end of WW2 Norway had many 7.92mm Mauser K98ks and I presumed that these Norwegian chargers were for that calibre. However, as both .30-06 and 7.92 will fit and work with this charger it could be dual-calibre. None of this answers why the M17 rifles had the cutout unfortunately.