Auction #17

We just uploaded a pdf of our new sale (846 lots) which includes the color pages to our site.

The sale end will be December 7th, 2019

It’s a free download just click the button titled #17.pdf on the right edge.

Should you wish to bid with the free copy just follow the instructions to pay the bidding fee. Please use the bid sheet which you can also download from the same page as the catalog.

Or if you wish obtain a 100 page, hi-res printed copy, which includes the bidding fee, instructions are on that same page.

My printer says I should have some to post in a couple of days.

Thanks for the look.

I’m having some of folks thinking I can bill them for the bid fee.
I CAN NOT bill for the $20.00 bidders fee. I’m not set-up for that so IT HAS TO BE PAID BEFORE BIDS ARE RECORDED.

Thanks for your understanding.

We are happy to take a credit card or paypal for this, please see our site for that number or address.

mistarakies & such found so far.
Lot 59 is a .46 Remington. Lot 205 is a .44-90 (or 105?) Remington Creedmoor 25/8" necked, however the case is 2.6" long and may be by Winchester? Lot 226 is Boxer primed. Lot 274 is a M1 AP with a banded bullet. Lot 279 the headstamp is W C C 5 6, not W C W 5 6. Lot 593 is a Polish not German, pre 7.9x107 experimental anti-tank. Lot 723 is a Norwegian blank. Lot 831 is a Winchester .46 Remington Short board dummy.


Pete - I am probably screwing up somehow, but clicking on in blue on your opener to this thread, anything I get pertains only to Catalog 16.

John M.

Pete, great work!

Good luck with the auction.



Hi John
Not sure the why of that, I tried it & asked a local collector friend to try it & it worked for both of us & apparently Fede too.

I just tried it & it worked ???

Perhaps just type the address in the browser?

Catalog cover photo has Jim at auction school.

John, it worked for me without any problems. Direct link is:

Thanks for the kind words

Pete, this is another very nice auction you have put together!

Fede - thank you. That link worked perfectly for me. I tried the other one several times and it would only open information from the last (#16) Auction, for me.


Thaknk you too Larry, for the kind wirds

John did you try just entering the address by hand?

Yes, Pete, I did and I got the same results - Catalog #16 information and nothing to click on the brought up anything at all about Auction #17. No worry mate, as they say. Fede’s direct link opened it up perfectly.


Wish I knew the why that. Sorry for your trouble.

Only thing I can think of it that it was still in the folder with 17. But this AM I moved it into another folder in another folder.

Who bloody knows.

Pete - no apology necessary. It is just as likely my world-famous incompetency with computers. No secret to anyone that I am a 19th Century Man. I don’t even own a cell phone, nor one of those hand-held computer gizmos that does everything but tie your shoes for you. Right now, after 14 months of ownership, I have mastered approximately 10% of the features of my (not so) new Hyundai automobile. I still reach down to my belt for my key ring when I get in thing, from time to time. Then I remember it doesn’t take a key! Duh!


It seems others are having the same problem getting past sales coming up.
I apologize for that & first thing tomorrow morning I’m going to call the host company & see what they can do to fix this.

17 is the sale number and try just entering “” by hand instead of using it as a link if the link doesn’t get you to the proper catalog.
With luck this will be fixed tomorrow.

Just off the phone with Host Gator the folks who host my site.

They seem to think the problem is with the computer, or browser or server or even with google holding past visits in the “cache” of any of the above mentioned stops or intersections along the trail to getting to the correct version.

Their advise was to empty your cache, close the browser, reopen the browser and try again. It might be that your server is also holding items in it’s cache so is wrongly directing you. Their advise was to call them & ask them to clear their cache / cookies.

Yeah I know all a bit too bloody much.

Silly me I thought computers were to make life easy… Growing pains I guess

If you have problems e-mail me I’ll attach the sale & bid sheet to a reply.

OR just use the link Fede kindly posted above

Also I have one correction:
lot 723 is a Norwegian experimental blank.

Computers were designed purposefully as torture instruments to be used against anyone who wasn’t just born when they were reaching their zenith. I understand that there are societies where instead of beating information out of some one, they make him go on a computer with glitches in it.

I am glad to know I am not the only one being tortured (sorry about that, Pete).


Not a problem John, I can relate


Received the catalog today. I love the wire bound. It makes it so much easier to use.


Thanks Joe

As they say bid hi & sleep in the streets, oh no that’s the game of poker

One more thing
when we checked on postage for overseas and Canada the PO site gave is a $26.00 fee but when we go into the PO they only charge us $24.00
SO if your not in the USA only send $24.00 postage + $20.00 for the catalog & if you’ve already sent it, we will get it back to you somehow.

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Question on lot number 279.
Headstamp “W C W 5 6”. Is this correct?


Well part of it is. Should be W C C 5 6