Aussie Packets

New to the forum so just thought I would post a couple of pics. I am relatively new to cartridge collecting (well have been collecting for a while but havent got that many cartridges/packets).

A Super Cartridge Co 243 packet. Headstamp ‘Super 243’

Taipan Projectiles Box - 7mm calibre

Anyone know approx dates for these?
I guess the super box could have been when they started making there own headstamped cases rather than reformed military brass? ie "NEW IMPROVED"
The taipan box has the South Aus address so its from before the move to Queensland.

Alpine - welcome to the Forum. Nice pictures of boxes not often seen in the United States. Wish I had the information you need, but don’t. Just wanted to thank you for posting them. The collectors form the Land of Oz are a great bunch, and I am proud to be a member of the ACCA. For those that don’t know it, the Australian Cartridge Collectors Association prints a very good bulletin of their own - more shotgun, .22, and information on miscellaneous cartridge-related items like cap tins, powder cans, etc., than most other of the bulletins. Well worth joining!