Austin cartridge co

New to the forum and could use a little help with this one. If anyone would happen to have any info on this box I’d appreciate your knowledge and expertise.

This box is probably an empty salesman sample box.
In here should be a number of different types of the Austin cartridge co. Shot shells.

Nice box, would have been even better when complete.
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The Austin Cartridge Company had its earliest beginnings in 1832, with five Brothers, Daniel H., Alvin, Lorenzo B., Henry M. and Linus Austin. Daniel was the oldest and Linus the youngest. Originally from Wilmington, Vermount, the went west to Kansas City in 1832, looking for a location for a powder mill in the west. That venture lasted only about a year, when for lack of population and a good market, the returned to the East and built a powder mill on the Little Cyanhoga River at a site that is today Akron, Ohio. Their venture into powder manufacture continued and prospered. It is a story of itself. I will fast forward to their venture into ammunition manufacture to 1880, with Linus Austin then the president of the firm. In that year, the sale of a powder magazine and keg factory to the Chamberlain Cartridge Company of Cleveland, Ohio. Austin became the sole powder supplier to Chamberlain. This era in the history of the Austin Cartridge Company ended with the death of Linus Austin April 19, 1887, the last of the Austin Brothers.

By 1889, with Mr. R. T. Coleman at the helm of the company, among many other ventures primarily dealing with powder manufacture, 700 shares of Cahmberlain Cartridge Company were purchased, as well as a 7-1/2% interest in the Standard Cartridge Company of New Jersey. All these, and the other transactions not delineated were complete by the end of 1889.

The beginning of the Austin Cartridge Company began with a factory for the production of shotshells in 1895. Originally, cases were purchased and loaded by Austin, under various tradmarks, such as Flash, Bang, Crackshot, Invicible, Alert and Winner, the trademarks for such being registered during December of 1896, and in use from November 1, 1896.

Various problems including labor troubles and a decline in the sale of black powder end with the Austin Powder Company selling its interests in the Austin Cartridge Company to F.W. Oin’s Western Cartridge Company, East Alton, Illinois, for $195,000.00 on October 1, 1907. Their manufacture of cartridges had lasted only 12 years. This translates today into some scarcity in their shotgun ammunition among collectors.

Reference: “Advance, Flash, Bang” (a history of the Austin Powder Co and the Austin Cartridge Company)," by George G. Kass, ARMS GAZETTE, October 1976, pages 32 - 34. Thanks George!:-)

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