Australia F1A1 ball

Just remembered I have a few photos of F1A1 cartridges from my range time at Thales Australia in September. The cartridge differs from the F1 in several ways, featuring green painted tips, modified case wall thickness, a (relatively) new propellant AR2210V01, new primer cup design, and a projectile with modified boat tail length and meplat.

Some info here: … venden.pdf

I’m hoping to get a better look at the manufacturing facility (in Benalla, Victoria) for the F1A1 and at the relevant components in the future, but here are a few shots:

Examples I saw were 2010 and 2011. The dashes on either side (3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions) designate the cartridge as F1A1, rather than F1 etc. As you can see, the tip painting was fairly haphazard. The rounds we received were packaged in two ways:

1.) in 50 round plastic trays, with each 5 rounds being sealed in individual ‘blister packs’.
2.) in 15 round plastic chargers. These sit atop the mouth of the magazine, and are fast and easy to load.

A photo of a loaded charger from the Lithgow Small Arms Museum:

Please forgive the limited and expedient photography; the focus of the day was the weapons systems. There are a handful of posts on my site about the EF88 and ML40AUS grenade launcher, for those interested:

Wedo not see the pictures !!

Thanks for letting me know! I’ve fixed the images, and put up a short post, here: … mmunition/

Thank you !