Australian 20x110 Oe Headstamps

Australian 20mm Oerlikon cases are hard to find. I only have these two.
Thought I would share the photos with the Forum. Ron.


Hi Ron, yes, I agree, scarce , also found with MD, (Derwent - Tasmania) head stamp, I think my example is 1943…


Thanks Peter.
Please send a photo to Karen to go with my items.
Please show a photo here too. I have never seen one. Ron.

Another Oz Oe, note the Broad Arrow is different orientation. Would this be post Headstamping or just a different bunter?.
This one is fitted with a blind projectile(plug rep), inked ‘INERT’, not sure if original. Note the lack of the characteristic bourrelet. Stamping on Proj. is Broad Arrows and ‘MFG’ in oval.
OzOeMF%20(2) OzOeMF%20(1)

I am new to understanding the headstamp thing. I know Oe is IDs the item as Oerlikon, but what does the Z at the end mean?


Joe, as per the manual this is the “propellant code” and here should be nitrocellulose powder.