Australian .303 Tracer search


I’m trying to fill in a few gaps in my knowledge of .303 Tracer manufacture in Australia. If anyone can provide photos of any of the following, which may, or may not exist, it would be most appreciated.

Tracer S.P.G. headstamp M F 28 (or 1928) VIIG, or earlier date.

Tracer G Mark I. headstamp MF 1930 GI, or any of these dates; 1932, 1935,1936,1937,1938,1939,1940

Tracer G Mark II headstamp M J 44 GII, or maybe 1944.


I can provide a photo of MF G1 1940 but I’m afraid that’s the only one I have.

I have an MF 40 GI if you would like a photo, I will look through my unsorted rounds for you.


That’s great Jim and Rich. I am happy to get any photos since some of these loadings seem to be hiding away.

I have pretty comprehensive data on the SPG, from the chemist from Footscray who would have been involved in the tracer composition development, but so far have not seen or heard of a sample.

Another one which may exist and I missed it on my list, is a G Mark I headstamped MG GI , dated 1940 or 1941. So far I haven’t seen one.
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John, I’ve sent you a photo attached to an email.

Howdy John

Have a MF 1941 GI, which seems outside of your listed dates.

My only two other OZ tracers are MS 42 GIIZ, which has a handwritten “INERT” sticker on the case but sounds loaded, and a MF 1942 GII.


Thank you, photo received.


The date I’ve listed are ones of which I don’t have a photo. I do have the 1941 date. The MS GIIZ sounds interesting, but the Inert sticker sounds suspect. Unlike most .303s produced here, this version was filled with nitro cellulose powder. Perhaps the sticker was attached in order to ship the cartridge?? so may be a little misleading.
MF loaded the GI in 1941,1942 and 1943 and I have them on record.

What I haven’t seen are any with the MG headstamp. Footscray produced a list, for me, of calibres/loadings/dates manufactured from 1910, back around 1975. In spite of their great effort, there are some errors and many omissions. I think in the case of the GI tracer, the MG details should have been in the MH column, but I daren’t ignore it.
Likewise, while I have the greatest admiration for Barry Temple’s work, his details on the Australian .303 Tracers is not quite correct. Manufacture of the GII at MF commenced in 1941 through 1943. MH also produced this round in 1943 and 44, while MJ produced it in 1943 and 45, with the possibility they also did it in 1944. That I am still trying to prove.



Howdy John
I do agree with you about the likely hood of the inert sticker being used during shipping, just mentioned it because it was there. Bullet & primer crimps look good & as I said seems loaded.

good luck with your search.

Thanks Pete I think that clarifies the situation.

Hi John, I did send you an image of the MS GII 44 previously, correct?



Yes, thank you. I actually saw it at the AGM in Shepparton. Murray brought it down to show me. Will eventually find out if it was really cordite loaded. The last piece in the puzzle for me.