Australian 7.62 x 51

Have just finished reading through the book by John Green on the history of Australian made 7.62.

I cannot fault any of the information, and have yet to find any omissions. Would recommend it as absolutely necessary for anyone interested in this calibre.

John Green 7.62.pdf (92.8 KB)


I’m still working my way through it but I agree with your assessment John.

Where can it be acquired?
(Publisher, Author, Bookstore?)
in Oz?

What the PDF-Link in JohnKindred’s message shows to me is a big white A4 page with a poststamp-sized photo of the front cover. Like DocAV I would love to learn what the price is and how someone (in Europe in my case) could possibly order it.

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Doc, JPeelen,
Contact John direct for information. Its just over 300 A4 pages,

Author is John R.A. Green
PO Box 2107
Launceston 7250

IBSN 978-0-646-80604-4

Completely researched and published in Australia.

Sorry about the image. Meant to convert to JPeg.


Pete, was trying to fix the image while you were posting.