Australian 81mm F1 Dummy Mortar

This is an Australian F1 Dummy Mortar made by MA (SAF Lithgow, NSW).
8 Dummy filled increment charges. Blue M524 Dummy Fuze. Grey weight filler.
Blue plastic tail .

Filled at St.Marys, NSW in 1974.
Body marked: A69 81MM362A1 T 7/10 MA 2 41

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Not sure if I missed it, what is the purpose of the fabric sewn around the base?

Those are the dummy propellent increment charges.

Is that to simulate the weight of each different charge?

I don’t know as this is essentially a classroom training item so how close they made these dummy charges in relation to real charges is not known.

I feel the charges are to show the mortar with full increments like a HE would look like.
The excess charges are removed depending on the range adjustments on real mortars.
DUMMY shows the increments are inert and not filled with real explosives.

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Jack, these increments are detachable. Means during training the crew gets the data for the firing task. This includes type and quantity of rounds (depending on task also what type of fuze) and ranges + compass reading.
I am not sure if the charge numbers are also predicted or if the mortar crew has to figure it on it’s own (may vary from military to military).
Means part of the training is also to attach the correct number of increments as the basic rule for high angle artillery (mortars & howitzers) is to use as little propellant as possible to keep wear & tear (means also temperatures) as low as possible to extend barrel life.

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