Australian 9mm dummies

They both have the same headstamp “MF 63 9mm D”. Why such big difference between them?

There is a whole heap of confusion over the Australian 9mm Drill/Dummy cartridges. These are two of a series made in 1963 when an order was placed on Footscray for Drill D Mk 1, but before the order was completed, the order was amended to supply part of it as Cartridge, S. A. Inert 9mm for the testing of weapons. When executing this order a number of variations were called for, so we see plated cases, with and without red blank cap chambers, normal ball bullets, blackened bullets, so there are at least 4 types found. John Moss has a completely blackened version, the only one known so far, which I believe to be genuine.

Earlier 9MM Drill were manufactured from reclaimed wartime cases, in 1951/52. After 1963, we did not make any 9mm Drill until 1970 when the Drill F2 was introduced.