Australian Experimental 60mm Mortar Shells

I show two experimental Australian 60mm mortar shells. Both are unfilled.
I can find no references to trials or use and they are only marked with an arrow.

The yellow band is possibly a Practice shell and is marked :
ME. 12/55 which is Maribyrnong Filling Factory, Victoria, Australia.

The HE body has a red and a yellow band and is marked:
ME 7/56

Dimensions are : 58.5mm body diam. 60.0mm adaptor diameter.
295mm long overall. I put a 2" mortar cap on the tail so uses a similar igniter.

Maybe Australian trials to make a 60mm shell for M2 or M19 USA mortars ??
Any extra information is welcome. I have another which is inert weight filled with a yellow felt wad over the filler and same dummy fuze. Not stencilled.

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Ron, great specimen!
Thank you for sharing! Australian stuff is little to be seen (outside Australia).

Ron, those experimental shells are great, thanks for sharing.