Australian Loaded 25x137 Oe

Australian made or loaded 25x137 rounds are hard to find and I live here.
Here is a fired case TP-T ADI M793 from 2005.
This is my only example and looks like a USA case loaded here in Australia.
I would like to think it was made in Australia but the only steel cases I know of were the 30mm DEFA cases. Are these Australian made and loaded cases?
These are used in the M242 chain guns in our LAV-25 vehicles.

Made by ADI, austrailian defense industries.

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i think the case is made in US (marking ACN ,for amron USA)

These guns are also fitted to your Armidale class patrol boats, in a remotely controlled mounting.

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I thank you all for the extra information.
I did not think we made steel cases in 25mm.
This case is 2005. I need to find some current cases to check the codes.

I think the case was made ca. 2004 by Amron but loaded or accepted in 2005 by ADI.

Yeah I should have been more clear, I think you may be right.