Australian Sectioned 1.5" Signal Cartridges

I show four Australian factory sectioned 1.5" signal cartridges.
Loaded by ME (inert) and dated 1954. Scarce items.

Brown Smoke Puff Mk3T.
G.R 16 Red and Yellow Star with a Yellow Tracer Mk1T.
Green and Red Star Mk3T.
Double Green Star Mk3T.

Sectioned%20Side%20View Sectioned%20Wads


Ron, outstanding items! Thank you for showing!

How about a shot of the heads?

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Vey nice items. Thanks!

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EOD. These cases have no headstamps. Normal primers. Not worth a photo.

Ron, no worries, I just had not seen many 1.5inch cardboard cases (military) with brass heads. Guess Australia was one of the few makers.