Austrian 7.62 x 51mm Blank?

7.62x51? Aluminum base. Small brass primer. No hs. Black plastic case body and bullet.


Hi Ray, looks like some sort of blank cartridge, any powder in the cartridge? cheers

I think this is an Austrian 7.62 x 51mm Blank. The standard German army black plastic blanks made by DAG and others have a different type of aluminium head.


I can’t really tell if there is powder in it. If there is, it would be very little. The entire cartridge weighs only 78 grains.

Did the plastic “bullet” exit the bore in one piece?

I was also thinking DAG but it is different.

Thanks, so far.


Reference Tony E’s reply, I think from the style he might be right, as the base certainly looks like the Austrian Assman Patent base. I have some 7.9 x 57m/m blanks like that, and a 7.62 Tokarev one as well. I have seen them in other calibers. It is certainly possible that other countries use the same style, I suppose.

I have a cartridge which is identical to yours but has a hdsp ‘HP L 66’ and have it listed as an Austrian ‘7.62mm K-patr 65’. I’m not sure whether it’s a 66 or a 99 come to think of it - and I’m now curious as to what the ‘L’ might indicate.
The plastic bullet doesn’t leave the bore at all - the round is designed to rupture at a weak point in the nose and nothing solid is discharged.

Thanks everyone. Austrian it is, for now.



Assman I think from Austrian


I have a view Austrian cartridges in my collection
first one (on the left)is Assman and the others are prototyp’s all with no headstamp’s also from Assman I think.

the blue one’s have headstamp SMI 85 , 1975
and the white one’s have headstamp 1969 , 1972

As Jim say, it’s a produkt of Hirtenberg, Assman never used alluminium heads, In fact in this case it’s not only a rim, it’s a All. tube with rim star crimped which contain the powder, the plastic body glides over the tube leaving only the the rim visible. Probably the ctg is loaded as I have one of the same weight. This is not the “7.62mm K-patrone 65” as this is a Assman produkt. This cartridge an experimentel or an export produkt of Hirtenberg.
Find more info in Austrian military cartridges vol 2 p 162.
Wishes, Jan