Austrian 7.62 x 63 questian

Austria manufactured 7.62 x 63mm ( 30-06 ) cartridges, were they for export only or did they use them, if they did , were they for Rifles and Machine Guns and if so what makes, Thanks Randy

As far as I know, this ammunition was made for domestic use in M-1 rifles and M-1919 type machine guns given to Austria by the US after WWII. Was any also made at the same time for export? I don’t think so. What we see here in the US was surplussed military stock. Chris P.'s book might shed some light on this, but it is not handy at the moment…


Thanks for the reply AKMS, I did check in Chris P’s book but no info there. Randy

Whoops, I just read my reply and it looked like I was saying no info at all in Chris P’s book, theres plenty on Austrian ammo just nothing on the weapons used . Randy


To answer your question directly

Not sure what headstamp we are talking about, but one reason so much

Thanks John and David, David thats the info I was after, I could find nothing on Austrian weapons, do you know if the same Ammo was used in Rifles as well as Machine Guns, I have a mixture of cartridges I am trying to catalogue. Randy