Austrian 8x56R "12 1954"


I went to a gun show with a friend and found this round which puzzled me. According to, these cartridges were made in Austria to arm Austrian patrol troops who replaced Allied troops guarding Austrian border. Whom did they replace? Is that the full story?


You must have gone to a gun show far from home to have run into that old guy!


Vlad, I been told it was a contract for the Austrian customs.


This was part of the latest austrian military production of this caliber. Rounds dated 1955 also exist.


The Cartridges (amongs other Military Calibres) were manufactured by Oesterreichische Jagd PatronenFabrik,(OJP) a Firm set up in the period of the 1954-55 Formation on the Austrian Republic, when the US, British and Soviet Forces left their Occupation of Austria.
First orders in 1954 (8x56R) were for Police and Border Control (Customs) use, with the old M95/30 Karabiners and Stutzens, and then subsequently .30cal for Garands, etc, for the Austrian Army ( late 1955-56…up to 1960s.

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Are there sources for the newer cartridges? My collection stops at 44.


Of Known 8x56R cartridges, 44 Bulgarian, followed by 46; The Bulgaria, using the same headstamp and probably “remanufactured” Brass, started making 7,62x54R, using the 1946 “8x56R” Headstamp Bunter, for probably 47 and 48, before changing to the Coded type headstamp.

Hungary also made some 31M (8x56R) cartridges as late as 1956 (Seen some Fired cases with an 31M Carbine several years ago.)

THis is besides the OJP Austrian made Ammo

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