Austrian catalogues

Still looking for old (pre 1920) Autrian dealers catalogues in order of making correlations between different rim standards for German and Austrian shotshells :

  • Schwachrand,
  • Normalrand,
  • Dickrand,
  • Scharfkantingrand,
  • Starkrand,
  • Extrastarkkantigrand
    (depending of catalogues and manufacturers different names are used, and furthermore it depends of the time period)

Therefore if you have old manufacturer (G Roth, Hirtenberg, S&B) or dealer catalogues wher you see this names about shotshells rims I would be interested by a scans of the few pages talking about shotshells.

The dealers are for example :
A I Kreps
Nick Szailer
Frank Neuber
John Springer
Leopold Gasser
Leopold Ulrich

Thank you