Austrian hstp


// “w on W”//12
Is it : Giersing Wollersdorf-Werke Wollersdorf Austria or
Staatuche Industriewerk, Wollersdorf 2, Austria ?



Jeanpierre –

According to Mötz the “w-on-W” hstp was used on commercial cartridges by Wöllersdorf Werke AG, the firm formed by the privatisation of the government-run Munitionsfabrik Wöllersdorf in 1919. He says that ammunition production there finally ceased in 1925.

John E


thanks John!

what is the meaning of Giersing?


Jeanpierre –

I think Giersing is a surname.

After privatisation, Wöllersdorf Werke diversified into making a wide range of civilian products, with varying degrees of success, and commercial ammunition manufacture was one that didn’t last long. The firms you mention may have originated as more successful parts of the organisation. Perhaps one of our Austrian friends can help here.

John E