Austro-Hungarian 7,9x57 stripper clips

I’m currently re-scanning my cartridge clip collection which gives me the opportunity to look at the things anew. The last time I did this comprehensively was in 2010 and I’ve only scanned new additions since then, as I don’t keep the clips to hand but rely on the scans it’s been quite an interesting exercise, albeit a bigger one than I expected. I’m also taking advantage of a new edition of Photoshop and doing the top and bottom of each clip and joining the images together.

Here’s one of the questions thrown up so far;

Does anyone know the significance of the diacritical mark over the ‘A’ in the top image?


Peter, it is the single acute accent used in the correct spelling of the factory name, that is Állami Hadianyaggyár (ÁH) in Csepel. Regards, Fede.

NOT “Austro-Hungarian” (WW I & Before) but “Kingdom of Hungary” ( Regency-Dictatorship of Admiral Horthy, 1930s-1940s)

The adoption of the 7,9mm Patrone by Hungary dates from the Manufacture of 7,9mm calibre (jhv) Gew98/40 rifles for Germany in 1940-43, followed by adoption of the Same rifle as “43M” by the Hungarian Armed Forces, in 1943.

AH Logo is correctly described as Allami Haddianyaggyar of Csepel Island ( Danube at Budapest) formerly owned by a Jewish Family. Csepel was also the site of the Rifle and Gun Factory, Feggyver e Gepgyar, Makers of the G98/40 and 35M and 43M etc. ( all the same Mannlicher-Turnbolt derived action, 35M in 8x56R 31M cartridge, the others in 7,9mm sS Patrone. ( 43M?).

Regards, Doc AV