Auto translator for IAA forum

I am wondering if it is possible to install an auto translator which can be activated by just pressing one button to read the text in English. I know how it feels. I tried going onto the forum but my Spanish was so weak that I gave up. There are definitely people out there with rare items and poor English skills. This may help them. And we’ll see things we otherwise would miss.

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I use the following with the Firefox browser:

ImTranslator: Translator, Dictionary, TTS
Translator, Dictionary, Voice

Highlight the text to translate and click the icon you have placed in the Tool Bar.
Translation done.
You can apparently also have a voice translation…but; have not tried it myself.

A large institution I know has all its computer translations headed by a warning to the effect that the original text meaning may be the opposite of what the computer translation says. And this after four decades of playing with computer translations.
Important technical as well as historical details are often expressed using subtle language. If you are lucky, they are lost in the computer translation or the translation makes no sense. But be prepared to read translations that will tell you the opposite of what the author actually wrote.
Base line: It is impossible to base any serious research on computer translations, because you cannot trust compuer output. And serious reserach is what we are aiming at.
At the same time, we would say farewell to correct terminology, as the recent inflation of “sleeve” on this forum in place of “case” shows. Not to mention bashing heads for primers. Think of the victims of the Boeing 737Max before you trust the output of computer software.

Edit and disclosure: I spent most of my professional life in data processing centers.

If, for example, your using it to help with Municion, it appears to work quite well.

However; if you are translating Patents… :- (

One of the problems lies with translating technical ammunition terms. Many years ago I needed some German translated. A local German speaker aid he couldn’t help because he didn’t understand the technical words.

Yes, one has to know the terminology in both languages: knowing that bimetal in French or Russian does not really mean bimetal but GMCS.
I very much doubt that the typical modern day software specialist from the outskirts of New Delhi or Calcutta is better at this than the local German speaker you mention. At least he said “I don’t know.” No employee of a modern day software company will ever do that.

Yes, it was certainly the correct reply. Funny thing, I could read a lot of it better than he. Goes to show this hobby is very enlightening.

Interesting discussion.

To expand upon Vlad’s statement, with the internet as a conduit, there now exists a massive amount of information on cartridges, ordnance and the like available at the touch of a keypad. Much of this information is not in our native language. And while JPeelen’s and John’s points are well taken and are true in many instances when using online translators, in my opinion we should be using this great technology we have at hand.

In my own case I have started routinely visiting collector forums based both in Russia and Ukraine. I do not understand any of the text in these forums as written but opening these forums in Chrome or using the Google Translator page has opened a whole new avenue of cartridge information.

Yes, Google is often incorrect or cannot translate some words. As an example I have found that sometimes when I enter a string of text into Google Translator there may be a word that makes no sense with the initial translation. But if I isolate the problematic word to a single word in Google Translator the translator sometimes provides a list of alternative translations for said word and quite often one of those alternate translations helps to make sense of the overall translated text.

If after using a translator the text still does not make sense then I stop and move on to something else. Simple as that.

Or if you are still having a translation problem after using a translator post the text here on the Forum and ask for help.

Even with all the faults in the current technology for online translation one can still learn a lot and open doors to new information and interesting discussions in other countries/languages. Remember this technology has only been around a short time and is bound to improve in the future. So why not use it?


PS- When I post translations here on the Forum I try to indicate the text is a translation and as such the text and information contained there in should be open to scrutiny and may contain errors due to the translation.


There is an other thing to mention:
Translators don’t work with the same efficiency with different languages. English translations are usually better than others. For example when i need to read a chinese text i prefer to translate it to english (then to hungarian if i still don’t understand something) because 3rd language - hungarian translations are practically useless. Maybe it is not that bad with other languages as hungarian is one of the most difficult language of the world (including martian :-) but definitely one thing to consider.


I have noticed this problem, too. Some languages translate to English better than other languages when using an online translator.


The unavoidable issues and limitations of machine translation is why I am very saddened and disappointed to see that the new will also be available only in Spanish language, with a footnote saying “use Google translator”. Makes the amount of people to contribute only get lower.


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I used Im Translator
For translation part text or all page.
Of course this is not ideal, but for me is done.
Sometimes copy text into Google Translator, especially when writing in the forum IAA :)

It is a challenge indeed. I have worked as a technical translator in the past. As said before, one needs knowledge of the technical terms to do it right. I always laugh at the poor Dutch subtitles on car programs.

I’m afraid I can’t help with Spanish tech terms, but German, Dutch, English isn’t a problem.

Here in Germany we are getting lots of English language productions which are translated then.
What then gets translated is just embarassing! And I am speaking of simple technical terms, weights and measurements.
And I do not even dare to speak about anything military or gun & ammo related. What one gets to hear there is on kindergarden language level
Where are all those pristine experts in our so-called quality journalism?

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