Automatic fire protection for collection


With talk about security and care of the collection recently (and CAD fire-suppression systems), I got to thinking about what happens if there is a fire when nobody’s home. Nobody ever thinks their home will catch fire, but of course some do. Half the time the damage is from structural collapse or water damage from the fire dept putting it out, so stopping a fire early and automatically got me thinking. I found this product called “Flame Defender” which is a heat-activated pressurized dry chemical tank that seems ideal for a room with a large collection:

If your collection is on the same level of your home as the furnace or clothes-dryer then it seems a good idea. If nothing else it might buy some time in putting out part of a fire until the F.D. gets there. If you had enough of them, I guess you’d be covered. The best prices are on Ebay from sellers like this: They have a 2kg, 6kg and a big 12kg unit. I also found these little floor units: So along with locking up the collection tight and having an alarm system, these fire suppressors seem a good idea at protection, not to mention potentially saving your house. I’m thinking of getting a few to just mount one each over the electrical box, near the furnace, and near the dryer, plus one near the collection.