Autralian Palma Match

Another Palma Match headstamp, enjoy



There were two distinctly different lots of that ammo, accuracy wise. First one issued to country teams in 1987, the second one issued at the ANZAC range in Sydney the following year.

Which lot is that one from?

These cases were made in 1988, so would have to be the second lot. I don’t think I have a photo of the earlier production but it could be on file somewhere. I’m trying to reorganise my notes and photos which is quite a task and time is my enemy. Commercials not being military it’s not high on my priority list I’m sorry. I may have a photo of the packet and if I can find it will post it later.

Why would anyone issue ammo in 1987 with a headstamp of 1988?

I read Bart’s comment as saying the first lot was issued in 1987 and the second lot issued in 1988.

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Not my major area of interest, however, I would think there is a 1987 headstamp from the first lot.

Rules then required host country to send the same lot of ammo to be used in the match to other country’s teams to test in their rifles and make changes to make it shoot good. The 1987 ammo was very good.

Shooting the ammo issued on practice days in 1988, it was not as accurate. And visibly different. Same stuff issued for the matches.

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Thanks, an interesting point I didn’t know.