Auxiliary Cartridge for the Belgian COMBLAIN Rifle


Any ideas on the right hand round, internal primer, bullet dia .25/6.36mm, case length .351/8.9mm and OA length .562/14.27mm . The H/S is a raised capital A

6mm French thick rim ?



It is not a 6 mm French thick rim (this calibre does not exist) but an auxiliary cartridge for the Belgian COMBLAIN Rifle reducing tube. Several variations do exist with small differences, Most have a A headstamp.

Cordially yours



I forgot: the A can be raised or engraved. It is for the maker, SOCIETE ANONYME DES CAPSULERIES D’ANDERLECHT. This company was the successors of FUSNOT, in the town of Anderlecht, close to Brussel.

Also qoutede as “6,35 mm Comblain reducer”.