Auy 41 14 S* bullet + weight


here is the weight for this cartridge,however I checked it against a B Patrone in top condition with the
stamp P154 39 7 S* both weigh out at 24gram I hope I will get those pics to you now


Sherryl, I am almost sure you have a PmK.
Your cartridge has a typical PmK bullet crimp.
It weights normally 23,6 gram

Thank you for showing.



Thank you for the reply,I will see in the spring if I can find someone to X ray that bullet it means
really little to me I have 2 B Patronen but it is the curiosity that gets me.Dutch it was you that thought
me a lessen in bullet colours that I have not forgotten remember that zirkus with that painted 8mm tip
I do not question your expertise but I cannot get rid of the feeling someone wiped the black color
of that tip please do not ask me why on this end of the pond there is no answer for such question
you have no idea what was done here to captured guns and munitions after the war and then even
to their own stuff all in the name of creating a hunting weapon wich in many cases they through into
the garbage after the third use.That scab on that bullet may not be rust but residue from the incomplete
attempt to get the color the meantime thanks Sherryl