Avatar in this forum?

Is it possible to put an avatar under your nick name in your posts in this forum?

No it is not. It was decided not include this feature when we set up this new IAA forum. We could turn that feature on at any time, but we won’t… we don’t want to be avatar police as well.


Avatar- that is a small thumbnail size image that appears on some foums near the user’s name. Some are photos, some are cartoons, or other artwork, and I think that some are even animated type images.

They add nothing to the dignified discussion of ammunition topics.

Let’s stick to ammo pictures. If anyone wants to post images of themselves, we have the “Meet the members & Member photos” section for that.

WEBMASTER has spoken…


I agree with John S. Especially the animated ones serve no purpose and use a lot of server space. Use the “Meet the members & Member photos” Forum so we can see what you look like.