AVS-36 and its ammo


The bottom gun in this stamp is AVS-36 (Automatic Rifle of Simonov). Which ammo was it chambered to fire in 1936?


Vlad, it was 7.62x54R.

How wonderfully political incorrect - guns on stamps.

I try to imagine this to happen in Germany…


EOD - I was just thinking that before I read your post. I can’t imagine it happening in the UK either. The political correctness morons would have a heart attack.


Ah yes, along with the AVS-36 is the good ole SVT-40 which also came in a select-fire flavor, the AVT-40. The 7.62x54mm round is a hard one to hold down in an automatic shoulder fired rifle!! I don’t do very well with it but my son doesn’t have any problems with it as you can see from the photos.

Unfortunately this rifle is not mine but a good friend was nice enough to let us try it out. Lots of fun!!



That looks like way too much fun! Shouldn’t someone make a law against such activity? First, they put guns on postage stamps and the next thing you know there are people out there shooting them…They should have known it would lead to this.

Don’t take this wrong, but those are the first images I’ve seen you post where the headstamp view wasn’t perfectly clear (though I think I can make them out if I just zoom in a little more…)



Ummm, that sounds like a temptig solution…