Awesome ammo thread in Czech forum

I posted a link to this last year when I came across it online, and it has since expanded and grown quite a bit. It is a 35-page forum thread from a Czech site, and it spans 3 years from Dec 2006 to Oct 2009 and is ongoing! Most posts are photos of collectible cartridges of all types: You can use the Google translator to put it in English, which would be this link: Following either of those links will direct you to page 12 of the thread, which is where I started from as I was looking for info on the 7.65 “ZM 75” spotter-tracer cartridge, and I found a pic of the box label on that page (halfway down):

I notice that they label it as “7.62” and not 7.65. Is that a Euro or Czech nomenclature thing, or is it due to that particular cartridge being sort of unique?

I think that it’s loaded same 7,62 bullet than 7,62x39 short range.

I just look, and there is in IIA journal 457 and 458 good info about this ammo.

I wish I had access to those journals, I either didn’t notice when I first read through it and didn’t save it (I get the digital version of the journal) or that issue is from just before the time I joined the IAA. Again, relating to my post from yesterday about the journal, I give a +1 to the idea of IAA journal a-la-carte purchasing for existing IAA members with regard to previous issues they have missed or lost.

There was an announcement on the old Forum. Electronic copies of back issues of the Journal are available for $5 each paid to the Membership Chairman Gary Muckel. You can make purchases through PayPal to Just list which copies you need and send the correct money. Gary sends the order to me and I send them out on email. These are available through the most current copy.

In late 2010 or 2011 the IAA will update the CD of back copies through 2005. IAA Members who order the back copies will get the set through 2005. Members who already bought the set of back copies can just buy the 5 year update.